Thursday, 18 November 2010

Print #3 Changing Pastures

Changing Pastures by John Linnell

As maybe judged from this example of his work, he was not a literal recorder of natural facts, but a designer with a strong decorative sense, who found in rural scenes material for great suave compositions, full of rich detail, and marked by an almost classic dignity of style. His work is notable for its robustness and virile force, and in a measure for its originality also. It can be taken as an expression of a sturdy and independent personality, and of a noble conception of artistic responsibility.

Print #2 Lightning And Light

Lightning And Light by Albert Moore

There was the same intention in the pictures he painted as a lad as appears in "Lightning And Light", which was exhibited at the Academy in 1892, the year before his death. He based himself at the outset upon the Greeks, and tried to gain in painting the lofty guished; and in this purpose he never wavered.

Print #1 Le Pain Benit

Le Pain Benit by P.A.J. Dagnan-Bouveret

In this picture the characteristic most obvious at the first glance is the astonishing vitality of the whole compostition, its marvellous exactness in realisation of human character. But there is, besides, a perfect comprehension of the executive qualitities which go to the making of a great work of art; and there is an absolute mastery over all the details of pictorial expression.